Hot Beauty Hair MemberTrip

Start Your MemberTrip With Hot Beauty Hair

As a growing brand, we well knew that quality is our life, and customers like you are our foundation. Thank you so much for your strong support and recognition. No matter what kind of feedback from our customers, they will be a great strength for us to make progress. We appreciate that you let our Hot Beauty Hair engage with your life, we hope that you can be a hot girl and enjoy beauty with Hot Beauty Hair. And we will always provide nice hair styles with good quality for you.

Customers make what we are, so we have been thinking about how we can keep a longer-term relationship with customers, and we have been thinking about how to show our gratitude to all of you. Therefore, the "MemberTrip" program came into being.

What is the "MemberTrip"?

The "MemberTrip" program is an exclusive reward program for Hot Beauty Hair Customers. We will Launch the program at any time during 10-15th of each month. During this period, we will have different ways to reward our customers. Eg. buy one get one free, Big discount offers, flash sale, and so many other activities. Every single of you can enjoy the big sales and activities, though, be our Members, you can get much more Beauty Funds rewards during the event time! The Beauty Funds can be redeemed for more discounts, which exclusively belong to our Hot Beauty Hair Member! 

How to participate in?

Participants: all customers who like our hair or who want to try Hot Beauty Hair products. To have a better experience with this program, here are some suggestions:

1. Sign-up as a member on our website

2. Subscribe the email notification on our website

3. Enter our Facebook group

 How to earn Beauty Funds?

Action Beauty Fund
Sign up 200
Follow on Instagram 100
Place an order $1=2 Funds
Like on Facebook 50
Share on Facebook 50


How to redeem?

Beauty Fund Redeem
300 16% off coupon code
1000 18% off coupon code
2000 20% off coupon code
3000 25% off coupon code

 Tips: The Beauty Funds are valid for one year.

What are you still waiting for?

Take action and join the “MenberTrip”, the Beauty Funds is waiting for you~