Top Hair Care Tips During Monsoon

Top Hair Care Tips During Monsoon
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The monsoon or rainy season brings relief as well as risks of hair and skin infection. It is the season where we feel the most romantic. However, Rainy days can lead to major hair woes, which can be quite irritating and frequent. Rain leads to an increased level of humidity in the atmosphere which directly affects your scalp and hair.

But don’t worry, some tips will keep your hair nourished and glossy during monsoon.The tips are given below:

1.Avoid hair styling

You should prevent buns or tightly packing your hair as it can generally trap the rain water, thus, leading to itching and hair fall problems. Once the rain water gets trapped, it may also leave your hair dry and frizzy. So, it is always better to opt for loose pony tails or sport a loose bun during monsoon days.

2.Shampoo hair twice a week

If you walk in the rain, you may get with rainwater. The rainwater contains acid. If you get wet with rainwater,you scalp may be feeling itchy and you may get irritated.So. You shampoo your hair after getting wet in rain. You can move a long with the nourished hair.

3.Hair oils for deep conditioning

Due to excess humidity during monsoons, our hair tends to stay frizzy and damp all the time. Deep oil conditioning is a great remedy for tackling your hair problems.

4.Dry your hair properly

You should dry your hair properly during monsoon season as wet hair may generally lead to irritation on the scalp. You should prefer using a microfiber towel to  hair as it soaks the water easily and causes minimum friction between the hair and towel. You should never use a harsh towel to dry your hair as it may lead to hair fall.

5.Pick appropriate comb

Using the right kind of comb during monsoon season is important, as it can help to cut the frizz and also prevent tangling. Not only does it help in detangling your tresses but it also serves as a good conditioning comb.

Happy Monsoon's Everyone!

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