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“What is the difference between unprocessed hair vs. processed hair for wigs and hair extensions”This is a question we get asked often during this period. If you are also confused continue to read and you will find answer in this article.

What is unprocessed hair?
Unprocessed hair means the hair which has not been bleached or dyed in factory, the hair cuticle unspoiled, keeps the original quality when collected from the head. The hair would also be considered virgin hair, also known as“cuticle hair.”
So the hair colors can be changed easily and can be done to any style . Another advantage is that unprocessed hair lasts longer than processed hair; this way, you get a greater value, as it’s not damaged hair. The hair is soft and more manageable after you wash it as it’s not usually coated in silicone.

What is processed hair?
Processed hair has been chemically treated during production to make it appear a certain way. Processed hair is soaked in a highly acidic bath to strip it of its cuticles and basically remove all of the natural characteristics of the strands.
Processed hair has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of processed hair is that once the cuticles have been removed, the hair can be colored and treated in any way to look however the manufacture wants it. Usually, processed hair is coated in silicone after treatments to replenish the appearance and boost its shine.

Difference Between Processed And Unprocessed Hair:
Unprocessed hair is a greater investment than processed hair,because it can last long time than processed hair.
●Unprocessed hair is harder to source, so it is in limited quantities, and it is indubitably more expensive than processed hair.
●The processed hair can blend with our hair and it has to be processed to change. It just means that it has to be processed to blend with your hair texture. While,unprocessed hair weaves are hard to match altogether when you're buying.
●Processed hair provides more than one hair colors, and you can also have assorted hair textures to choose from. For the unprocessed unit, the hair cuticles that give life to the hair are not tampered with, and that extra-natural feel and appearance would be obvious.
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