How To Keep Your Weave Fresh

How To Keep Your Weave Fresh
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Wearing a weave is great. It adds a lot of flexibility to the number of different hairstyles you can achieve, and it gives you the ability to add some extra length to your natural hair without having to wait months or even years for your natural hair to grow to a certain length you desire.However, is the fact that they tend to become “lifeless” and there’s nothing worse than a weave that's unkempt.

If you have weave in your head, or even an old one that you think in unsalavagble, then you’re in luck because I’m about to tell you how to bring old weave back to life!


Just like your own hair, before styling, you want to be sure to detangle it first. It may be daunting or even difficult, but it must be done.Using a wide-tooth comb that will prevent breakage, especially while the weave is wet.


Weaves need more careful care than your own hair as it lacks the natural oils from your scalp. Shampoo your weave at least every two weeks using a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

Do not rub or scrub the shampoo on the hair but smooth it on the weave. Avoid any kind of friction when you wash a weave.


Apply a leave-in conditioner to the weave, and your natural hair, after each shampoo. A dime-sized amount of product should be enough. Massage it in with your fingers, coating the gently. For freshening up during these in-between times you don’t have to wash again, just apply the leave-in conditioner to the dry weave. Avoid oils because they weight the weave hair down and will cause tangles and matting.

4.Air Dry

Avoid using any form of heat to dry your weave after shampooing.Let it air dry (don't even towel dry). Whether the hair is installed or not, you can allow the hair to air dry. If the hair is installed, you do want to make sure the braids underneath are completely dry, so you can sit under the dryer for a bit.


Never sleep with a wet weave on your head. This will encourage matting and the weave will also have a foul smell. Loosely wrap your weave with a satin scarf at bedtime. Ensure it is not tight as this could also encourage tangling.

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