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Wig is a head covering made of real human hair or artificial material. It is used as an important part of fashion to hide the sparse or some imperfect details of people's hair. The man-made materials used to make wigs are the hair and feathers of wool, horsehair, yak and buffalo.

Earliest period

The oldest wig date is baked from ancient Egypt(about 2700 BC). The Egyptians shaved their heads because the hair was difficult to maintain in the hot desert sun. But the bald head is not beautiful, the Egyptians try to use wigs. Although all classes shaved their heads and wore wigs, there is a difference between the lower wig and the upper wig. It represents different social status and rights.

Seventeenth to Eighteenth century

Wigs become fashionable representatives. The Puritan parliament opposes wigs, and the church does not allow anyone wearing a wig to enter the church. But this does not reduce the popularity of wigs, and they are becoming more and more popular. Even the French King Louis XIV began to wear it. Until 1715. There was a riot in Caen, France, because the use of flour to make wigs caused a shortage of bread. Due to the French Revolution, the use of wigs ended during this period.

Nineteenth to Early Twentieth Century

After a brief respite during the French Revolution, the wig was once again highly praised by the public. In 1915, hair stylist Carita began making the Givenchy model fashion show. The wig appears again because it is easier to change the wig with a different hairstyle than to cut it every day. Due to the use of synthetic materials, they become cheaper and more affordable.

Period after Twentieth Century

With the advent of new hair styles in the 1920s, wigs were no longer popular and were worn by older women who were not interested in the appearance of the new cut. The wigs recovered in the 1950s, and women used them for temporary cosmetic purposes. In the late twentieth century, many hairs in the form of wigs were used, and changes from long hair to short hair styles can be done as desired, from black hair to white hair. Singers such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears openly use a variety of styles and colors for weaving.

And now, wigs are still in style.


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