Different Ways to Slay your Edge

Different Ways to Slay your Edge
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  Black and Hispanic women have been proudly rocking their baby hairs for generations. Even Beyoncé admits that she likes her ‘Baby heir with baby hair and afros’. The appearance of your baby hairs is significant, especially in the hair world. The aesthetics matter. Poorly styled baby hairs can throw off the entire look of a hairstyle.

  The video below will show u how to style your hair edges in 3 different ways, and here are a few tips you need to keep in mind:

  Treat your edges because they are sensitive. Love them, and they will love you back. There are great ways to take care of your edges to prevent them from thinning.

>Hair Products that can rejuvenate and stimulate hair growth.

>Letting your edges breathe. Try not to style them every single day.

>Wrap your hair at night with a silk hair cover. Silk hair covers prevent friction with your hair while you toss and turn at night allowing it to thrive and grow smoothly.

>Moisturise your hairline. Stimulate your scalp with oils.

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