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Synthetic Wig Vs. Human Hair Wig Differences

Synthetic Wig Vs. Human Hair Wig Differences
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You may not know it but wigs have been around for more than a century. Women wore it especially in Egypt and some parts of Europe in the 19th Century. So Do you know the difference between two typical wigs, Synthetic and human hair wig? Read on to know more about such differences.

Human hair wigs look better than synthetic wigs

This happens to be the most common difference as far as wigs are concerned. The truth is, human hair wig will be much more natural and realistic when appears in sight for first time.

Human hair wigs feels smoother

When it comes to the touch impression between the two wigs, there is no doubt that human hair must be more comfortable. Just as synthetic are made of many chemical materials, every hair is not alive and so rough when you touch.

 Safety comparison

There is a saying goes that safety first. When the synthetic comes you may find the Irritating smell everywhere which indicates the exit of chemical material. Less damage will be caused if the hair has not been bleached or dyed in factory and just collected from the head.

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