Beat the heat with The Best Summer Date Night Hairstyles

Beat the heat with The Best Summer Date Night Hairstyles
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 Don’t fear the heat this summer, especially when it comes to your hair!

There are many ways to create beautiful, fun hairstyles that will keep you feeling cool and looking refreshed. Is there even a better way to feel confident on a hot summer date than with your hair looking fabulous? I don’t think so.

Depending on your length of hair, some hairstyles can make any hot summer date night that much hotter. Usually, keeping your hair natural within the style works well with the heat. For example, if you have curly hair keep it curly. Or, if you have naturally straight hair, keep it straight. Doing so can help with any humidity you may run into during those blazing summer lunch dates or long summer nights.

The last thing you want it putting time and effort into a hairstyle just for it to disappear.

Short Hair Beauties:

You all are already halfway there! Having a short hair look can definitely be a plus during the summer.

Keeping hair off your shoulders can be especially helpful, because let’s be honest, who likes hair sticking to sweaty, or better yet dewy, shoulders? Not very sexy. A great way to further accentuate your already cute cut is by adding some accessories, and maybe consider going for a half up-half down look. This way, it seems as if you put effort into your hair even though the short hairstyle is sexy enough!

Find a clip that matches your personal style or outfit and go for an effortless look. Just pull back the hair that usually frames your face and clip it back towards the middle of your head. A clip is commonly loose fitting and lets the hair breath even in the pulled back position. This is perfect for warm to hot weather.

Another great accessory for short hair in the summer is headbands. With the hair already off the shoulders, a headband is a great way to express style.

Medium Hair Stunners:

With a little extra length than a short hair beauty, there is some room to play with medium hair.

Medium length hair is excellent for creating hairstyles that can make your hair appear shorter or keep it from hanging down your neck. Messy buns are a great way to feel fun and flirty while still staying cool in the summer heat. This is a hairstyle that is also super easy to accomplish. Throw it up in a messy high bun for that “pineapple look” if you have curly hair.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth. That’s why it’s called a messy bun! Wrap your hair around a few times to form a bun and hold it in place with a hair tie. Now, you may have to use some additional support, i.e., bobby pins, but this is only to ensure that your bun doesn’t come spiraling out of the hair tie.

Pair your elegant bun with a cute summer dress, and you’ll be date night ready in no time.

Long Hair Goddesses:

Having long hair during the summer can be a pain! The most natural thing to do it throw it up in a top knot and call it a day.

Of course, like the other styles, it’s an excellent way to keep your hair from creating more heat, but is it the best way? Well, if top knots are your thing then go for it! They are really quick to achieve and can definitely be dressed up with accessories, jewelry, and outfits. But my favorite, yet still leisurely, hairstyle for long hair is a sleek ponytail.

The great thing about a sleek pony is not having to deal with the loose hairs when you are out and about. Although those hairs are only a bit bothersome, a sleek look takes care of that for you. A sleek ponytail can be done with pretty much any length of hair and looks fantastic!

Whip that sleek pony back and forth during summer date night, and he will be mesmerized by you!

Summer Hairstyles Keeping You on Your Toes!

These styles are some of the favs for summer, but don’t stop here!

There are so many more ways to keep up with hair trends, techniques, and colors for summer. You can experiment on your own and find out what really works for you! Keeping your hair natural during the summer is super on trend, but girl if you want to add some hair then go all in! No one is stopping you from feeling and looking confident any time of the year!

Check out our site for even more fantastic hair tips, not only for the summertime but for daily tips and business talk. Happy Styling!

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