A Guide To Find Your Wig Length

A Guide To Find Your Wig Length
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On our website, human hair wigs are our best seller, including closure lace wig, front lace wig,360 lace front wig, and full lace wig. All hair types we offer are available in straight, wavy, or curly textures and it comes in different lengths, varying from 8” to 30”, different hairstyles for your choice.
But how to know the true length of the wig you just received? Well, below is a guide on how to measure the wig length.
The length of our wigs are measured from the crown of the hair top (from front to back). The length of layered hairstyles will be described based on the length of the hair after styling – so if it is a curly wig the length we give is the ‘finished length’ we need to stretch the curls of the longer part to measure it.It’s obvious that the straight hair looks longer than the wavy and curly hair although they are in the same hair length .
The picture below will give you a good idea of where a particular hair length may lay on you. And take in mind that this is only give you an example. You should take body structure and height into consideration.

If you have any question about your wig length measurement just contact us. And our site is www.hotbeautyhair.com ❤

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