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 Maybe you have purchased curly hair before, only to be disappointed as you watched it tangle and mat up.You have to put effort into ensuring your curly weaves serve you for a long time. Just because that weave you got comes with a two year guarantee doesn’t mean you shouldn't take care of it.

Below are some ideas to care for your curly hair extensions.

1.Great Condition

Curly textured hair is naturally drier than other hair textures, so it requires extra moisture. We recommend using a moisturizing or hydrating conditioner after shampooing. And for even more moisture, you can treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment at least once every two weeks.

2.Apply Moisture

Water is your curly weave’s friend. Fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of your favourite leave-conditioner. You can use a regular conditioner in place of a leave-in conditioner. Spray this mixture on your weave and brush it lightly.This helps restore moisture and gives your weave a healthy shine and bounce.

3.Gentle Washing

Will you carry your natural hair for weeks without washing it? If the answer is no, then there is no need to leave your hair extensions unwashed. Though you may not need to wash hair extensions as frequently as you do your natural hair, hair extensions still need to be washed occasionally. When washing your extensions, use a shampoo and a wide tooth comb to carry out the process. Be gentle when washing and treat your extensions as you will treat your natural hair.

4.Avoid Dry Combing

Tend not to comb or brush your curly weave when it’s dry.Many people do not realize the damage this may do to hair extensions.Don’t like your own natural hair, it is more susceptible to breaking off so when you try to comb through the curls during dry state it will lead tagging on knots and tangles in the end. Only comb using a wide tooth comb when its wet.

5.Without Heat Tools

Heat will frizz and dry out curly hair. So, it’s best to avoid heat styling as much as possible.After washing your extensions, allow them to dry naturally before using them. If you want your weaves last longer, air drying is the better alternative.

6.Store Properly

When you hair extensions are not in use, how do you store them? The way you handle your hair extensions matter a lot. When they are not in use, wash them and store in a satin/silk bag. Apply some light essence spray to your weave before storing so the next time you are ready to use it, it will be soft, curly, and tangle free.

7.Top Quality Curly Hair Extensions

The most important one is, while weaving your hair, buy the highest quality hair you can afford, better to go with the unprocessed virgin hair from hotbeautyhair.com.

Girls, pick your top quality hair then use these tips for curly weave hairstyles and go for a makeover without any hassles.

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