Top Quality Grade 6A Brazilian Virgin Fumi Hair Extension 110g

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What is 6A quality brazilian virgin hair?
The hair is cut from young girls'head, one bundle bulk is sewed to one bundle weft and the hair cuticle face the same direction.It is the top grade brazilian virgin hair. 6A quality brazilian virgin hair is can be bleached and dyed to any color,any style,and do many times style.6A hair extension welcomed by the majority of hair designer, but also ladies's hair extensions choice.
Product Description
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Hair Material: original young girls'hair,choose the very full bulk hair make one hair
Material quality: untreated original virgin bulk hair, not been bleached, not been dyed
Hair Quality: remy virgin hair, the hair cuticle face the same direction
Hair Weight: standard 110grams/piece.all the hair is same length
Hair Grade: AAAAAA
Hair style: fumi hair
Future processing: can be bleached and dyed to any color
Future Processing: can be done to any style,can do many times style.
Special instruction:
1.It is collected from one person's head,so  it's  tangle free and last longer time.
2.It is double weft,but tarip side.the  needlework is very dense,so it can not shedding.
3.All the hair cuticle face the  same direction.
4.You can dye it into any colors you want.
5.You can do many hair designs you like with the iron.

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Hot Beauty 6A Hair Extension Style: 

The hair can be dyed to any color or curled to any style you like. 

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